Ray Martin

Ray Martin - currently based in Asia

In simple terms, my purpose as a coach is to help others discover and lead an exceptional life for themselves. Many people I meet around the world really want to become the “best version” of themselves that they can imagine. In my career, I have had the backing of some really gifted, wise and challenging people, who enabled me to experience success as a business leader, on my own terms. No two people will walk the path in the same way and I understand how frustrating it can be at times to meet your own needs in a way that nurtures both your ambitions and your heart.

No two people will walk the path in the same way

The way I have met this challenge in my own life is somewhat unusual. Like many people I know and work with, I was very focused on being successful in my career and had reached a pinnacle when I received the prestigious Daily Telegraph “Business Leader of the Year” Award in 2002, for my achievements in growing a successful consulting company. However, following several personal life shocks in 2005, at the age of 45, I was deeply unhappy and asking myself some profound questions about what I really wanted. After much soul searching, I decided to swap my successful and materially comfortable London lifestyle for a life of nomadic anonymity, so that I could really learn first hand how to create a new life, cope with new challenges and uncertainty and find a new energy, purpose and direction for myself. Having sold my business, my house and all of my accumulated possessions, I left the UK with just a bag of clothes and a laptop, determined to explore the world for a while and fulfil some of the personal dreams that had been in my heart to do for many years. Eight years have passed during which time I have called 23 different countries home and have discovered what true happiness and personal freedom is for me. It has not been easy and meeting the challenge has helped me grow, as well as being a source of great joy, happiness and empathy towards others.

Because of this, I now dedicate my time to working with people who want to fulfil their own potential, their way. The Coach in a Box community is all about enabling people to find the Spark in themselves and bring it to the world which gives me a wonderful opportunity to serve and support others on their life journey. I am grateful for the privilege and it is something that I accept with great joy and excitement.

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