Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transitions

Most organisations are faced with the challenge of preparing people for and helping them transition to the next role.

For example;
- How to get individual contributors to think like people managers
- How to get people managers to lead leaders
- How to get middle managers to lead organisations

To do this you need to be clear on the shifts that are required and to have a set of tools that will deliver the changes in thinking, in relating, in leading and in being that are associated with each shift.

Using data from 13,000 leaders we have refined a map that defines these shifts and links each to a powerful toolkit designed to help leaders make the big changes necessary at these times.

Delivering changes

How does this work in practice?

We have an extensive record of working globally in this territory. We have simple, affordable, one to one learning journeys associated with typical shifts but with most clients we go beyond this and work with them to define targeted learning journeys at each key leadership transition point. We often design the journey, deliver the one to one elements of it and partner with any other external and internal providers (eg business schools) in creating an holistic experience.

Career Transitions.

We also have a series of solutions to help leaders through major career transitions (eg external hires, internal moves, new parent support and so on). Using this and our leadership transitions portfolio we would be delighted to partner you in using coaching to turbo-charge your talent strategy.

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