Spark: Putting the Spark into Leadership

Who is Spark for?

Spark is for leaders who want to:
- find their own spark, learning how to be impactful and inspirational much more of the time
- get clear on the changes they want to make and how to bring them about
- significantly increase their impact on others
- engage and inspire those who work with them or for them in the business

How is Spark used?

Functional expertise is great but how do you support managers to take that step up in their leadership ability? As part of their talent management strategy, we worked with a global FMCG who rolled out the Spark programme to a range of managers across the globe. Over the last three years, we have worked with their managers to close the gap on their developmental objectives and help them fulfill their potential.

“The coaching sessions helped me to better understand my leadership style, and in what areas I can do more to increase my personal effectiveness as a senior people leader. The tools provided by the material and the dialogue with my coach was unforgettable - very inspiring to enable me to go from good to great.” Associate Director of Customer Service, International FMCG Company, Peoples Republic of China

The Spark Process

Introduction and Spark Questionnaire

This includes an overview of the process and an exploration of a simple model for sparky leadership. You will complete a self diagnostic questionnaire which helps you and your Coach look at your current strengths and development areas against the four key leadership archetypes.

Step One - Finding your Spark

What are you like at your best? What are you trying to do with your part of the organisation? Do you have a vision that really excites you? The first step of Spark focuses on these questions and will identify the leadership archetypes that represent you at your best. We will use this to become clearer on the changes you want to bring about and the way you will need to lead to do this. We will also show you how to improve some of your ‘weaker’ sides by finding capabilities you may not realise you have.

Step Two Fuelling your Spark

How do you avoid the inevitable pitfalls of losing energy as the real world presents its challenges? Leadership always looks good on paper but, in reality, time pressures are enormous and people just don’t respond in the way we want. This step will look at how to lead in the real world. We will help you identify the specific Mindtraps or beliefs that stop you from being as dynamic a leader as you can be.

Step Three - Sharing your Spark

Here you will explore how you can help others to release their own spark. You will explore the most common ways that people end up making themselves less impactful and how, by changing their own outlook and attitude, they can become more sparky. You will also explore how you can help others feel valued and how they can have a relationship with you that ignites the spark between you.

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