Targeted coaching

Portfolio solutions

Instantly accessible, proven coaching solutions to common development needs. Why might you use off the shelf solutions? These are highly affordable and simple coaching programmes designed around common development journeys. They are easy to use (you can buy a programme for just one person or for large teams of people) and they are thoroughly tried and tested in a wide range of sectors.

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Bespoke coaching

We can also design a coaching experience for your organisation to a specific set of outcomes and which integrates directly with your in house tools, language and priorities.

What does this mean?
In practice, we sit down with you in order to get a full understanding of your frameworks and your needs. For a targeted audience we would then design a one to one learning journey combining insight packs (ideas, exercises & tools) with focussed one to one coaching sessions using the appropriate volume and method of coaching to meet your budget.


PoYee and Ray Executive coaching itself needs no introduction but, at Coach in a Box, we have given it our own twist. Research shows good coaching can increase the likelihood of goals being met by 90%. Our methodology is designed to make best use of an Executive’s limited time, avoiding ‘nice chats’ and focusing on genuine impact.

What does this mean?
Our executive coaches are flexible and are trained to work with you to create the right mix of contact time with access to world leading thinking and ideas relevant to your situation. Much more conventional than many of our solutions, we will work with you to match a great Coach with your leader.

What we do