Most Learning Managers are aware that much of the learning on workshops isn’t used…(studies say up to 90%)...70:20:10 makes sense in principle but is notoriously difficult to implement on the ground. We believe there is a way to transform this.

We know from research that combining coaching with workshops increases the ROI by 400% but to do this in a scalable and affordable way takes a particular set of approaches.
We work with many of the world’s top organisations using coaching to sustain their training activities and bringing 70:20:10 to life.

How do we do this?

The big advantage we have is that we can offer one to one coaching that is an affordable part of a learning solution. This means we can design short, sharp, one to one sessions that explicitly prepare individuals for a workshop. We can then take key aspects of the workshop content and support the leader to bring these to life back in the workplace.

This approach embeds behavioural change and ensures that the big lessons from your development programmes are practically applied.

What we do