Internal Coach Capability

Managers who are best at developing their people achieve 25% uplift in employee performance. (Mabey & Ramirez, 2005)

Internal Coach Capability

We do not believe in the idea that every person should have an external coach. We believe that coaching is so important that it should become a way of working and many of an organisation's coaches should come from within. ‘Coaching culture’ is an easy cliché...but rare in reality.

Our insight is that it takes three shifts...

  • A shift in relationships: More open. Less 'tell' and more 'co-create'
  • A shift in the role of the leader: Less driven delivery and more coaching
  • And a shift in the culture: to build the kind of shared purpose against which this can happen

How do we do this?

dyn/filemanager/group-of-2-cropped.jpg We work with you to create a strategy.

We can create interventions that are both workshop based (especially powerful for creating a shift in relationships) or personalised and one to one.

For example, giving managers an experience of being coached (which we can do affordably) makes them many times more likely to use this approach with their own teams. Research results show that internal coaching has a significant impact on clients, direct reports, the coaches themselves and their organization. Factors of note include improved retention, engagement, productivity and performance – all impacting favourably on the bottom line. (Source: Rock & Done (2008) Driving Change With Internal Coaching Programmes, Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 40 Iss 1 and 2)

What we do