Working with Leadership Teams

Principals bring Coach in a Box into their schools to work with Leadership Teams and Change Teams to help them to develop the skills, confidence and mindsets to lead for change or develop a coaching and feedback culture within the school. We achieve this through any combination of group coaching, team learning days and individual coaching. Download brochure

Group coaching

Group coaching enables groups of leaders to work with a professional Leadership Coach to develop their skills.

  • Leading your School is for leaders who want to maximise their leadership potential. You will develop your individual leadership style, learn how to influence others and widen your leadership toolkit.
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  • Our Coach programme aims to build a coaching culture within your school. Your group coach will help you to uncover your natural coaching styles, develop your coaching skills, and build coaching moments into everyday conversations.

Each group coaching programme comprises four coaching sessions over four months for a group of 4-6 people. Coaching sessions are scheduled at a time to suit you. All participants receive access to our learning platform and leadership resource materials.

Learning days

We offer in-school professional development Learning Days for leadership teams to build capability in the following areas:

Throughout the Learning Day, your team will be introduced to new tools, see them applied through live demonstrations and then get a chance to try them out through practical exercises.

This experiential workshop-style of learning is very effective in helping participants to understand how to use their learning to solve the real life challenges they face at school.

Individual coaching

If your school has a very diverse leadership team, with different levels of experience and engagement, you may prefer to enrol your leaders in individual coaching. This enables each person to follow their own coaching journey to match their own needs, at a pace that is right for them.

Individuals can choose their coaching programme from our brochure, and can enrol separately at different times or launch their programmes at the same time as colleagues. (Newcomers to the school can also be offered coaching to support their induction.)

Whilst each individual’s coaching journey is personal and confidential, we encourage all coachees to share their learning with their colleagues, to foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support. Principals find that, as individuals become more self aware and open, the whole team dynamic shifts.

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