One to one Coaching for School Leaders

We offer a range of coaching programmes to enable school leaders to achieve breakthroughs on their trickiest leadership challenges. Many school leaders are new to coaching, and they find that coaching offers a very different experience to the more traditional training on offer. A typical programme will last several months and involve a series of telephone coaching sessions with an experienced Leadership Coach, together with leadership resource materials and reflection exercises for each coaching session. Sessions are booked at times to suit you and do not require you to take time out of school.

Coaching is a deeply personalised learning experience. You can enrol at any time of the year – whether you are a single individual or a group of 100 – and be matched with your own leadership coach. From our team of coaches across 31 countries, we will find you a coach who understands your local context and challenges.

Our range of coaching programmes is described on the tabs below. You can also create your own coaching journey, by selecting modules to match your leadership shifts. Download our coaching brochure

Who is New Leaders for?

New Leaders is for those moving into new leadership positions in schools and those relatively new to leadership, who want to:

  • get personal support to help them develop their leadership style
  • find a way of staying true to their vision despite the inevitable setbacks
  • make a breakthrough with the more challenging individuals in their new team

How does New Leaders work?

It can be both exciting and daunting walking into your first school leadership role. The New Leaders programme is designed to help individuals master the transition into school leadership and to help them to thrive in what can often be a challenging first year.

There are myriad decisions that come with a new leadership role. How much change should you try to introduce early on? What is the balance between taking time to learn the new environment and still ensuring you establish yourself from the beginning? What kind of leader do you want to be? How can you win over some of the more challenging personalities in your team?

From experience, we know that:

  • The first few terms in leadership are pivotal, in establishing a school leader's leadership philosophy and in setting expectations within the school community (which can then be hard to reverse)
  • Most senior leaders know in theory what they are trying to achieve. The challenge is likely to be doing it, under pressure, and in a way that stays true to their values

This is why coaching can be a big asset as you go through this transition. By its one-to-one nature, coaching can support you as an individual with the decisions you want to make and can help you to develop your own leadership style. Download programme brochure

New Leaders in Action

The New Leaders programme has been used extensively across several states in Australia to support Principals as they transition into their first Principalship role. It is also widely used by Deputy Principals, senior and middle leaders, and school administration managers. A similar programme was also developed in the UK, in partnership with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, to support leaders aspiring to become Headteachers. The New Leaders programme is aligned with both the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the National Professional Qualification for Headship in the UK.

"I received the coaching at a crucial time in my leadership. I was struggling with issues of ownership of the role and was overwhelmed with the various responsibilities of the role. I suffered self doubt and felt that I was drowning in administrative chores. My coach helped me define what the important tasks were that required my immediate focus. Under her guidance I claimed legitimacy of the role and eventually applied for and won the position. I am now permanently in the role of Principal of a school I love, that has both committed staff and a clear direction for the next 5 years." New Principal, Australia

To read about our New Leaders programme with South Australia’s Department of Education, click here

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