Learning Days & Teacher Coaching

Effective schools rely on leadership by the many, not the few. They create a culture which encourages all staff to develop leadership skills and take the initiative in school improvement.

If you are seeking whole school reform through investing in your staff team, you may consider either booking one of our whole staff Learning Days or offering coaching to your teachers.

Learning Days

Our Learning Days are very popular options for in school whole staff development days. Four different options offer participants a chance to develop their skills and confidence in:

In the course of a Learning Day, participants are introduced to new tools, see them applied through live demonstrations and then get a chance to try them out through practical exercises. This experiential workshop-style of learning is very effective in helping participants to understand how to use their learning to solve the real life challenges they face at school.

Our highly trained facilitators are very used to working with mixed groups of people, and are skilled in ensuring that everyone has a positive learning experience. We maintain a ratio of one facilitator for every 25 participants, in order to allow a high degree of interaction and individual attention.

Coaching for Teachers

Our Spark for Teachers programme is widely used by Principals who are committed to investing in their teachers’ personal development.

Spark provides teachers with a rare opportunity to focus on themselves. A personal coach supports each teacher as they learn how to build resilience, develop their influencing skills and bring out more of their individual ‘spark’ in their teaching.

Spark for Teachers is available both as a one-to-one coaching journey and as a group coaching programme. Different versions (comprising 3-4 coaching sessions) are available to match your budget. All participants receive access to the Coach in a Box learning platform, leadership resource materials and reflection exercises.
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