Bespoke coaching

We partner with education departments, leadership institutes and professional associations to co-create bespoke coaching programmes to enable cohorts of school leaders – from aspiring leaders to system leaders - to make targeted shifts in their leadership.

A bespoke programme typically costs less than US$5,000 to design, and involves working closely with the partner organisation to design a learning pathway to meet the development needs of a specific group of leaders. Learning pathways usually involve blended learning, and may include a 360° assessment tool or leadership diagnostic, one-to-one coaching, group coaching and face to face Learning Days. Accompanying learning materials are then written to 'speak to' that particular audience, incorporating the most relevant tools for their purpose and branded with the client's name.

Our bespoke programmes are unique and diverse:

  • We created a Coaching for Systems Leadership programme in partnership with NSW Department of Education to support experienced Principals to build their coaching capability.
  • We designed a Firelighter Coaching Programme in partnership with the Innovation Unit UK and The Mercers Company to coach change agents as they introduce 21st century learning innovations in their schools.
  • We offered a Leadership Launchpad to members of the Australian Education Union (Victoria) to enable school leaders to identify their key leadership shifts.
  • We developed an Executive leadership programme with SA Department of Education and Child Development to cascade through management levels from Chief Education Officer downwards during a critical period of change.
  • We designed a New Leaders programme specifically for first time Principals and Preschool Leaders in South Australia's Department of Education to support them in their first 150 days of the new role.
  • We pioneered a Leading in Remote Schools programme in collaboration with the Public Education Foundation and Teachers Health to ensure that rural and remote school leaders get timely coaching support.
  • We designed our Stronger Smarter coaching programme to offer Aboriginal Education Officers in Western Australia with targeted support.
  • We partnered with GELP, a global change programme to transform education systems, to provide coaching to system leaders in the UK, Canada, Finland and Australia.

If you have a development need shared by a group of school leaders across your school system that may need a more tailored approach, please email our team at We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and develop a costed proposal for you to consider.

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