Are you about to undergo coaching?

Being coached by Coach in a Box

Coach in a Box is a little different from conventional coaching but the most important element is still the Coach. You can expect a top quality professional who is passionate about supporting you to make the changes you want. You can expect them to quickly understand your context and to be someone you can talk openly to about sensitive and difficult issues. Alongside your Coach you are also able to tap into the Coach in a Box library of tools, insights, models and solutions. Your Coach will work alongside you to use these to create a personal learning journey that will stretch your thinking and challenge and provoke you to create a step change in your leadership.

If you would like to hear one of our past coachees talking about the impact of coaching, please click here. Cheryl Langley is a School Principal in Australia and has recorded a video, talking about how being coached has helped her as a new principal in a remote school. Please note that this video is provided by the Department of Eduction Western Australia and will open in a new window (YouTube).

How will I benefit from coaching?

Great coaching is incredibly practical. You can expect to leave each session with tangible actions and, because it is personal, you can expect the conversations to help you think through the issues and challenges that are most relevant to you and your role.

Alongside the practical, you can expect to explore issues that are personal and to unlock new elements of your leadership. You may emerge more confident, with a much stronger sense of purpose or seeing the world in a very different way.

We would love you to have high expectations from coaching. Because of its one to one nature it should be amazing for you and, of course, the more you put in the more you will take out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does coaching with Coach in a Box involve?

Obviously a coaching experience is highly individual, but on any Coach in a Box programme you can expect at least three elements. You will normally be sent content, materials and exercises to complete before your sessions. This should not take any more than an hour per coaching session. You will have great one to one conversations with your Coach and you will emerge with a small number of changes or actions to implement and experiment with before your next session.

Can I be open with my Coach? Does feedback go to my Line Manager or the organisation?

You will certainly get the most from this experience by being open and willing to be totally honest with yourself and your Coach. We do not 'report back' to your Line Manager on the specifics of your coaching conversations.

Are my coaching sessions confidential?

All coaching is confidential. This means our coaches do not discuss the contents of your coaching sessions with your Line Manager or anyone in your organisation without your consent. You can speak freely to your Coach and be confident that it will go no further. (Please note that, as part of our Coach quality programme, Coaches will occasionally discuss live cases with their Coach in a Box supervisors to improve their performance. Supervisors are then under the same confidentiality requirements as the Coach. We will also, at times give organisations generic feedback on our experience across many coachees. For example, we may discuss themes from the coaching that we are seeing across a range of coachees from that organisation. No individualised examples are shared and the identity of individual coaches is not revealed.)

Do I need to do any preparation?

There is normally some preparation to do before your session and, as with most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you are likely to get out of it. We recommend that you protect your coaching session with plenty of time either side of the actual conversation to allow yourself to prepare prior to the session and to reflect afterwards. Think of the reading the material and exercises as part of the coaching experience and to take the time to complete the exercises to ensure your coaching session is maximised.

Where do I get supporting material from?

Many of our coaching programmes have specific coaching material associated with it and this will be available to you in a number of ways. You will be emailed a link to the material in advance of your coaching sessions and you can also download a pdf of this material from our password protected booking system. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the material you need prior to your session. If you have any problems with this, please email your Coach or at least 24 hours before your coaching session.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a developmental process where you work with a skilled professional to enhance your performance or your career potential. There are certain limits to what a Coach can do (for example we have a policy that distinguishes coaching from counselling or therapy and our coaches cannot work in these areas).

Can I choose my Coach?

For the majority of our programmes, the answer is no.

Can I connect with my Coach before my coaching begins?

Your first coaching session is the occasion when you will speak to your Coach for the first time. This session is designed to help you build your relationship so that you get the most from your coaching programme. Be aware that your Coach is skilled at breaking the ice very quickly and will create an environment of safety and trust. If you would like to email your Coach in advance of your programme with useful background information which you think will help during your first session, please feel free to do so. Your Coach's contact details are available on the Coach in a Box booking system to which you will be given password protected access. We have the experience of having coached over 13,000 people in this way so our process has been very well tested.

What if it isn’t working?

It is important to understand that coaching is a co-created process. Your Coach’s job is to partner you (and your job to partner your Coach) in creating an amazing personalised learning process. As a first step we encourage our clients to keep talking to their Coach about what they need. If you really don’t feel the chemistry is right with your Coach, we are always happy to swap coaches.

What makes a good coaching relationship?

The best coaching relationships combine total support with a high level of challenge. Your Coach should always feel like they are in ‘your camp’. Their job is to get to know you and to back you to achieve your goals. But please don’t expect to feel comfortable!!! Their job is also to challenge you and to encourage you to try things you wouldn’t do if they weren’t there.

How does it work?

You will log into the website and book your calls on line at a time to suit you. Materials and stimulii will automatically be sent to you in preparation for each session. When the time comes for your coaching session, if it is face to face,m your Coach will (generally) come to you. If it is on the phone then you are responsible for calling your Coach.

How do I book my coaching sessions?

We have a password protected online booking system called My Page which is designed to be simple and flexible. You have access to your Coach’s diary and can book a time to suit you (unless your have face to face sessions which need to be arranged with your Coach directly). You can change this time up to 24 hours in advance of a telephone session (or 48 hours for a face to face session). (Changing at shorter notice than this will incur a rebooking fee). You can time the sessions and the pace of the programme to suit yourself and to work around your other commitments.

How do I login into the online booking system?

Clicking on the ‘Login to your account’ button will take you to a login screen where you can enter your username and password. Your username is usually your first name followed by your surname with a space between. For your password, you should have received an Account Confirmation email with a link to create your password. If you have not received this email (please check your junk/spam folder), you can use the ‘Forgotten password’ link to request a new confirmation email. If you still do not receive anything, please contact

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