1. Selecting Coaches

Coach Selection and training

How coaches gain Coach in a Box Accreditation

Step 1. Recruitment

We recruit for three criteria:

  • Coaching experience. We require a professional coaching related qualification along with professional experience. The majority of our coaches are affiliated with ICF, EMCC or AC
  • Commercial or organisational savvy. All of our coaches have relevant corporate or specialist sector/industry experience
  • Coach in a Box spark. We only take on coaches who are passionate about the subject, are clear on their purpose and who are genuinely serious about their own development.

Step 2. Training and Sign off

  • There is a rigorous training and evaluation process carried out by Coach in a Box with all new recruits, over and above the training they have already received. Not all coaches make it through this stage. If successful, each coach is accredited in each of our core methodologies and signed off to work with a particular class of client.

Training room

What is different about us?