Our unique approach

The Coach in a Box way

We believe that personalised learning is critical to the 21st century and that it is possible to affordably create a specific one to one solution for each individual and organisational need.

We believe that learning should not be dependent on the coach. We believe in empowering the learner by giving them a structured curriculum covering the latest thinking, leadership insights, ideas, tools and exercises. This means they enter any one to one session pre-armed with the knowledge needed to be able to extract maximum value from it.

We believe that every minute of coaching should be a wow experience. Whether a lasered thirty minute phone session or a longer face to face, all our coaches are accredited in specific techniques that build off the material and help make big changes fast.

We manage the quality of coaching on a global scale so you don’t need to worry

We also believe that coaching does not need to be separate from the business. Because we can design the journey to link with other activities, our coaching is tangible and can be measured with real business KPI's.

The result

  • The coachee has an amazing holistic experience which impacts them at home and at work
  • The business has a specific measureable business solution
  • The coaching can be delivered in over 20 languages to a globally consistent standard
  • It is affordable enough to make it accessible to all. We can offer a three month journey with a top class coach for as little as US$1000 per head

What is different about us?